Juwan Platt

Helping organizations with their brand, identity and messaging. 
Ultimately finding and taking care of their customer.

A brand is a relationship between an organization and an audience.

Brand Identity

Making your ideas more attractive and digestible while helping you stand out in your space.

Digital Marketing

If your customer was a pretty young lady or handsome gentleman, how would you attract them? I help you work through it.

Helping you and your team stay focused on what matters most: finding customers who give a shit.

Content Creation

Culture should be infused into every brand. It is your language, your customs, your dance and song.

Creating an advantage 

Imagine waking up without any distinguishable features from the next person, wouldn't you panic? That's how your business is looking right now. There is nothing to distinguish what you are doing from your competitor and zilch to attract your customer.

That's where I step in.

I have over four years of experience as a designer, digital marketing strategist, and brand manager. Understanding people and building quality relationships is where I thrive. Ready for a new you?

Let's Talk | me@juwanplatt.com