Find Your Flow

Fear, Chipotle, and That Moment Of Self-Realization was about my consciousness that I have a choice in life. I went on to talk about my fear of writing and how I was making the conscious decision to overcome it. I was able to get to writing and for some time I was on a roll – then I just stopped. I couldn’t write anymore. I no longer knew what to say. I would sit down to write and for some reason nothing would come out. All I could think about was William Zinsser saying to me, “Told you writing was hard.” So I quit. Well, I took an extended break from it.

In that break, I realized I was trying to eat an elephant whole. I was brainstorming, writing, rewriting, typing, and then publishing posts all in a two-hour span. There was the problem! I needed to break down the tasks. I decided to keep a journal where I could jot down my idea as soon as I got it, write as I felt like it, and publish when I felt I was ready. This workflow feels organic. I now feel I can keep up.

 Also in my first post, I made a comment about not choosing Chipotle. I now have to retract that statement, haha. I actually like Chipotle now. I would go in there and order a burrito (because that’s what everyone else was ordering), but for some reason, it was never appetizing. I always felt like the ingredients did not flow well. After making that post, I decided to give Chipotle another try but this time I would switch it up. I decided to go with a bowl instead. Talk about a HUGE difference! Yeah, completely changed my opinion of the place.

So I say all of that to say this – find your flow. There’s no one-way to do anything, so keep at it until you find the way that works for you.


Mental Marlboros

I must admit that I am a complainer. I would blame others when things didn’t go the way I envisioned. It wasn’t until recently I’ve became aware of this short coming. Complaining is literally unhealthy and unattractive. If I can relate it to anything, it will be like smoking a mental cigarette - and I have a nasty habit.

Here are some things that I’ve been doing to deal with these disgusting urges.

  • Write

Before I blurt out my dissatisfaction with something, I catch myself and grab my notebook. Journaling allows me to clarify my thoughts.  My thought process is a mash up of thoughts clumped together. Writing allows me to focus my energy and simplify. Once the complaint is broke down, I can then explore new angles to my dissatisfaction. I always realize how wrong I was from the beginning. A humbling experience every single time.
Writing also allows me track of my complaints as I grow up.  Rereading streams of conscious from when I was 18 helps me be better at 21 year and I envision my writings at 21 will in turn help me be better at 24 and so on. It’s all self-improvement.

  • Solutions

This may seem like a no-brainer to most of you, but I’d be embarrassed to say how many times I forget to simply think through the solutions to my complaints before I vocalize them. I struggled with this, often times because I wasn’t aware that I was complaining. You don’t go to the doctor if you don’t think you’re sick, and I thought I was feeling fine. I was expecting others to bring solutions to my problems when the answer lied within. I was living a highly reactionary life and I can assure you that’s no life to live. 
I now think through 3 solutions before I utter a word to anyone. Sometimes I fail to name 3 and complain anyway, but for the most part I’m successful. Once there are solutions on the table, it’s pretty much smooth sailing after that. I had to begin doing something about those complaints, not just talking about them. Instead of complaining, I started creating.

  • Release

Just let it go. Once again, this may seem like a “Duh!”  but it is not always easy for me. I have to think of complaints as bad thoughts and just like bad thoughts there is no room for them.  I wouldn’t let a thief into my house to steal my things, so I can’t let any bad thoughts in my abode to steal my joy. To fight off these bad thoughts, I:
Take a walk outside and just breathe the air. Look at the clouds. Ask myself questions about the grass. Get all philosophical about nature.
Tell 3 people that I love them. For you, I suggest you tell 3 complete strangers you admire something about them with full sincerity. It helps with communication and you might get a friend or two out of it.
Close my eyes and in detail think about my ideal future. When my mind starts to wander, I force it back to my blissful vision.

I tell you all of this to say this - quit complaining, it’s gross! 


Fear, Chipotle, and That Moment of Self-Realization

For my first post, I want to jump straight into things. I’m a young guy, 21 to be exact, and truthfully this whole life thing is new to me. I’ve recently had the realization that I have a choice. Not a choice as in I can choose what shoes I want to wear today, but I have the choice to potentially change my life at any given moment. I can make the choice to stop eating meat, kiss the person I love unexpectedly, or make any amount of money – all if I made the initial choice to do so.

The beginning of December 2013, I began thinking about my resolutions for 2014. I am determined to make 2014 a staple year in my life. One of my resolutions is to conquer my fear of writing and hopefully publish a book. I have no idea where my writing phobia arose from, but I knew it was hindering me. I was constipated with thoughts and I needed a release. By declaring it as a resolution, I was taking the first step. I was making a choice.

But, fear just doesn’t work like that. It’s strange! I began procrastinating by buying books on the topic, reading blogs about writing, and all other stuff that was related but wasn’t going to help me put any words onto paper.  By reading, searching for answers, and quick fixes I was satisfying my brain by tricking it into believing I was actually reaching my goal. Upon realizing this, I had to stop and regroup. I grabbed a few sheets of white paper; a few good pens and I nose-dived right into it. It was miserable at first, I admit. I started to feel anxiety and all of that. My heart was legit racing as if I was in danger, but I kept going.  As I continued down the page, my nerves began to soothe themselves and I started to oddly enjoy writing. After I finished, I was embarrassed. I couldn’t believe I allowed myself to get all worked up over a few words.

All in all, I’m glad I made that choice to overcome this fear. Now, I’m getting back to maintaining a blog and even launching an online training platform that will consist of eBooks, guides, and lots of blog posts. Definitely check this site frequently, follow me on Twitter, and drop a line about what you are choosing to do after reading this.

Remember, you have a choice in all of this. Just don’t ever choose Chipotle, that place is disgusting.